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California Prescription Pads 1 Part

California Prescription Pads 1 Part


All Pricing for California Prescription Pads is on a per pad basis.
Order in Quantities shown.

Minimum 10 (pads) @ $8.49 Per Pad

Larger quantities with price breaks

  • 10 Pads @ $8.49 Per Pad
  • 20 Pads @ $3.99 Per Pad
  • 40 Pads @ $4.19 Per Pad
  • 60 Pads @ $4.19 Per Pad
  • 80 Pads @$3.99 Per Pad
  • 120 Pads @ $3.82 Per Pad

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California Prescription Pads 1 Part Meet or Exceed California Security Requirements.


Meeting and exceeding regulations.

Legacy Business Printing is an approved Security printer for prescription pads, books and laser sheets, meeting or exceeding all State and Federal regulations for both Medicare and controlled substance prescriptions.

Standard-Secure Prescription Pads reduce the occurrence of prescription drug abuse.

Today Legacy Business Printing, as federal and state regulations  for prescription pads increase, Legacy Business Printing continues to offer the latest in Rx pad technology. Our scripts are compliant with state guidelines and approved to print in California. Our standard- secure prescription pads exceed Federal guidelines in all of the states.

  • Invisible Florescent Fibers: Fibers cannot be photocopied and are visible only under UV light.
  • Microprinting: A magnifying glass must be used to read the” original document” printed within the line. When copied or scanned the lines become solid.
  • Scallop Void Pantograph: Repetitive VOID appears across face when color copied.
  • Chemical Protection Paper: A stain will appear when attempts are made to chemically alter the prescription form.
  • Blue or green background on white paper: Will inhabit a forger from physically erasing written or printed information.
  • Preprinted Prescription Information: Physician’s name, address and license number is imprinted on the pad to prevent fraud during the mailing process.
  • Reverse Rx: Rx symbol drops out when photocopied to appear white.
  • Quantity Check Off Box: Designates the units referenced in the quantity boxes when the drug is not in tablet or capsule form.
  • Thermochromatic Ink: The Rx symbol disappears with hot breath or when rubbed briskly with finger. It will disappear when photocopied.
  • Security Features Listed on Back: Advises recipient of the security features on pad. Allows recipient to verify and reject if the features do not match the listing.
  • Artificial Watermark on Back: When held at an angle, words “SECURITY PRESCRIPTION” appear and  cannot be reproduced.
  • Watermark in coin reactive ink: When rubbed with a coin, words “SECURITY PRESCRIPTION” change color.


California Prescription Pads 1 Part

Choose your quantity, and between a horizontal 1 or Multi Prescription Form.

  • 100 Scripts per Pad
  • Minimum order 10 Pads

Price is per Pad. Price breaks 10 Pads – 20 Pads -40 Pads – 60 Pads- 80 Pads

Our California Prescription Pads ship from our California plant for faster shipping time.

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