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3 Per Page Laser LC3 1 Part – 2 Part

3 Per Page Laser LC3 1 Part – 2 Part


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1 Part – 252 – $49.36         1 Part – 501 – $63.46       1 Part – 1002 –$.86.98

2 -Part – 252- $94.76          2 Part – 501 – $121.86     2 Part – 1002 – $166 98

Quantities: Start at 252
Sizes: 8 ½˝ x 11˝, 8 ½˝ x 14 or 8 ½˝ x 7˝
Background Designs: Select from over 50 different  background designs
Borders: Over 50 different border options to select from
Perforation Positions: Multiple positions available
Paper: 1st Part: 25# DocuCheck Impede® 2nd Part: 24# Canary Laser Bond 3rd Part: 24# Pink Laser Bond
Packaging: Polywrap protected

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Standard Ink Colors FREE with order: Black or Reflex Blue. Note there is a $20 surcharge for other colors.

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3 Per Page Laser LC3 1 Part – 2 Part

Standard Security Features

We guarantee your checks meet or exceed industry bank processing standards, including Check 21 regulations.

Warning Band: Found in the border of the check, this warning band indicates the security features of the check for easy identification. Not available on manual check styles.

Security Pantographs: Our customers check backgrounds are designed to limit replicating by scanning or  photocopying ,while also ensuring check reliability. Also used as a deterrent in printing US currency.

Padlock Icon: This security symbol warns that the check is  security protected and is found on both sides of the check, with a description of at least two of the security features on the back of the check to verify authenticity.

“MP”   Logo MP, which stands for Micro-Printing, is recommended by the Check Payment System Associations (CPSA) and  is used on all of our checks.

Micro Printed Signature lines: On each signature line of our  checks, we print microscopic lettering in  type that is too small to be reproduced by scanning was photocopying that reads “ORIGINAL DOCUMENT”.

Security Screen: A  security screen that reads ‘ORIGINAL DOCUMENT SCREEN” is found on the back of on our checks, listing all security features included on the check. This screen is unable to be photocopied clearly.

3 To A Page Checks With Detachable Stub: Bordeaux-Executive-Parchment-Tranquility

Marble Sky Pantographs Available:Blue-Green-Purple- Teal